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Chat GPT: Tech Chat for Non-Techies (PM/QA/BA/PO etc)

Recently, Chat GPT has become an indispensable assistant for technical specialists. It definitely helps to improve the code, to find bugs and inaccuracies, to solve technical issues. But what about non-technical IT guys? Can they use this instrument to make their work routines more festive and optimize processes?


The short answer is yes! When we tried this with the team, we were really excited about how it could help us in our daily routine. So, if you are a PM/PO/BA/QA, you might find this article useful.

There is tons of information that shows that Chat GPT can be used for idea brainstorming (from choice of library that does the best CSV files for your stack to inspiration for the roadmap ideas), information gathering and research, market analysis, customer feedback analysis, and whatnot. But our goal here is to show you how chat GPT can be your little Santa’s helper in your daily routine.


Letter Composing

Let us start with more or less occasional tasks. For example, you need to compose a letter to the customer/team (not so occasional for PM). Just try this!

In other examples that I’ve tried, sometimes I deliberately had to ask the Chat to keep it short. Otherwise, it’ll create a huge email with detailed explanations and analysis (it might be better for your case, tho).

Risk Assessment

Let’s go further and ask it to create a risk assessment for the same solution. It had 10 points in it! Let me show you the first four:

GPT did a great job here. Certainly, the list should be analysed and customized, but still, it’s a big step ahead. And I didn’t even ask it to include mitigation strategies!

Ok… Imagine that a delivery manager wants to have a meeting on this (they usually do). As diligent PMs, we have to create Meeting minutes afterward to show what decisions were made and action items planned. I told the chat that the PM had a meeting with the delivery manager on the ‘Stories’ feature and discussed all the risks, but the DM is still going to include this feature in the release, absorbing the risks.

Actually, I think those are a little bit redundant but can be edited and adjusted easily. However, some of you might say that nothing is redundant in terms of risks and deadlines (and I cannot agree more).

So, we still have to implement this feature. GPT can help us with creating a PBI as well!

PBI (Product Backlog Creation)

It didn’t even forget to include possible engagement features, discoverability (how you can get to the feature from the login page), performance and scalability, quality assurance, dependencies, and even the Definition of Done!

User Story and Acceptance Criteria

Ok, great, now we have the PBI and need to write a User Story with all the needed Acceptance Criteria (we do not want to miss anything, do we?).

So, we have seven scenarios created. Certainly, they need to be shortened, and we might want to add error-handling, alternative, and exception scenarios there as well (just try it by yourself ;)).

But what about Quality Assurance, especially test design documentation? One moment, please…

Voila – seven detailed test cases for each scenario! But what’s that? We cannot create a story because the image cannot be added to the story? Let Chat GPT deal with the bug report as well!

It also didn’t forget about attachments, environment, bug priority, bug severity, resolution status, etc. Very helpful if you are working not in some task manager but in some kind of document or Excel 🙂

User Guides

Ok, so we have developed and tested this feature (yaay!), but how can we explain to the user how to actually use it? Let us check how GPT deals with user guides!

As you can see, it was not THAT short 🙂 However, we managed to include reacting and sharing, discovering new stories, etc – everything that a zoomer needs!

Performance Review

And last but not least, we have to somehow praise our team for a great job (yes, we can compose a praising letter using the same instrument as well). It’s performance review time! Let us assume that I need feedback for my Senior React dev, who did a great job here – they communicated with stakeholders in a timely and effective manner, set up all the dev processes, met their commitments, and inspired all the team to achieve the goal.

Looks good enough, maybe a bit too formal – but we can always ask it to be less formal (I tried this, and it was amazing). On the other hand, at each good review, we need to set goals for our team members. I can’t think of a way how Chat GPT can do this (but you may certainly try), but for sure, it can re-formulate that in a nice and clear way. This Senior React dev needs to practice more on giving feedback to other team members and delegating non-urgent assignments. So, I asked Chat GPT to set goals for them using the OKR technique.

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t do better 🙂

They say – work smart, not hard, and Chat GPT is definitely one of the tools that will help you in this journey!

**Disclaimer – all cases used above are fictional and do not violate any NDA

Myroslava Zelenska
Project Manager, Scrum Master at devspiration

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