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Trading is a high-stakes market. Developing custom trading software that helps you or your clients remain profitable requires a trustworthy partner who knows the domain specifics. As an experienced trading software development company, we can build a sophisticated, compliant, and reliable trading solution that will meet your technical requirements and business needs.

Advantages of trading software development

Bespoke trading platforms bring a competitive edge to trading companies, brokerages, stock exchanges, and other participants in the stock-trading process. In addition to a high ROI, investment in trading software development yields multiple key benefits.

AI-based trading
AI-based trading solutions allow stock traders to remove emotion from decisions and reduce the manual work involved in trading. Automated trading systems analyze the market using trading algorithms, choose the best trades based on users’ investment preferences, and place orders automatically. This enables high-frequency trading and lets users earn more.
Data-driven decisions
The trading industry has no room for guesswork. Custom trading platforms with advanced analytics can process huge volumes of market data, providing users with valuable insights into market trends. Using these insights, users can make data-driven decisions, leading to better results.
Financial risk management
Custom trading platforms powered by AI can analyze historical data, trading industry news, and even social media comments to forecast market fluctuations. The software predicts changes in target markets, which lets traders take actions to mitigate financial risks.
Real-time portfolio monitoring
Stock prices change constantly, so real-time investment monitoring is a huge advantage for anyone involved in trading. Trading apps can notify users about early-warning signals, so they can act immediately to get the best possible returns.
Simplified account management
Advanced software helps brokers manage multiple accounts simultaneously with less effort. A user-friendly interface, custom analytics, and automation of routine tasks let them make the most profitable decisions for each account with just a few clicks.
Fraud detection
Continuous data monitoring and client background checks enabled by custom trading software help trading companies and stock exchanges detect fraudulent activity and keep the trading business honest. Having reliable trading platforms in place means that no one can capitalize on insider trading, churning, or other manipulations.

Our trading software development services

We provide a full range of custom trading software development services. Extensive experience in the industry, combined with strong technical skills, data analytics and AI expertise, allow us to implement even the most complex client requests.

Custom trading platform development

We offer end-to-end custom trading software development services for traders, brokers, financial companies, and vendors of trading solutions. Whatever your request, we’ll walk you through all stages of the product creation process, from analyzing your business idea to deploying your product and supporting it after release. Our team handles all the technical aspects, so you can focus on strategic decisions.

Technology consulting

Need professional advice on trading platform software development? We can help you choose the right tech stack, build a product strategy, address any concerns, and eliminate roadblocks. With more than a decade of experience in financial software development, our team knows how to avoid pitfalls and navigate the road to successful trading software development.

API integration

Our trading software developers can expand the functionality of your trading platform by integrating third-party solutions via APIs. APIs allow for additional features and access to the necessary data without building everything from scratch. As a result, we can expedite trading software development, which saves you money and gets your product to market faster.

Cloud services 

Cloud-based infrastructure enhances scalability and high-speed processing of massive amounts of data while ensuring a maximum level of data protection. Our team can build your new trading platform to run in the cloud or migrate your existing software to the cloud, which virtually eliminates server issues and the extra cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware.

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Trading solutions we can build for you

All custom trading platforms are unique; they have different purposes, target audiences, and functionality. When you opt for trading platform development services, we tailor the solution precisely to your technical and business needs. But here are some of the trading solutions most frequently requested by our clients.

Web apps for investors

On top of maximizing trading profits, brokerages must strive for client satisfaction. We create easy-to-use web apps that promote investor comprehension and help brokers stand out from competitors. Intuitive dashboards, convenient management of investment portfolios, and updates on market trends are just a few of the many features we can implement.


Robo-advisor platforms systematize trading and make it more efficient. Using trading algorithms, robo-advisor software applies mathematical models to create and manage user portfolios based on multiple factors, including timing, price, user’s investment interest, and desired risk level.

Automated trading system

Automated (or algorithmic) trading systems help users remove emotions from their decision-making and automate trading based on a set of predefined instructions. Users just need to set a time, price, and other criteria, and the trading app does the rest.

Trading signal software

With trading signal software, you can forget about missed profit opportunities. These trading platforms have all the necessary functionality to analyze stock market data and notify app users about the best trading prospects.

Analytical solutions

Analytical solutions lead to data-driven trading decisions. Real-time market analysis and custom visualizations are basic features of this software, and we can add any additional functionality you may need.

Stock trading software

Stock trading software provides traders with all the necessary tools for successful trading. Among other features, these systems simplify stock screening, charting, executing trades, and account monitoring.

Why devspiration?

Domain expertise
Our team has extensive expertise in software development for all financial sectors, including trading. We know how to handle big data to keep up with stock market volatility, meet legal and regulatory requirements, and make your trading platform secure.
Certified Microsoft Partner
As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we always keep up with the latest technological trends and can implement a trading software project of any complexity, from simple apps to advanced algorithmic trading systems.
FinTech development experience
devspiration is a proud member of the Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies (UAFIC). You can trust your project to us — our track record in fintech and development of trading solutions proves we can handle projects with complex requirements and massive data volumes.
Talented & engaged team
Most of our trading platform developers are senior- and middle-level specialists with vast experience in the industry. They’ve worked with devspiration for over 5 years, which has resulted in excellent teamwork and service delivery.
Agile approach
We use agile practices to quickly adapt to new client requirements and constant changes in the trading industry.

Our core technology stack


Advanced data protection in trading software is the foundation of risk mitigation. Our .Net software development experts use the Microsoft .Net ecosystem to ensure your app’s security and reliability.


We can offer enhanced possibilities with the flexible, customizable, and easily scaled Azure cloud platform. Our team will help you discover all the potential of cloud computing for trading system development.


Angular is an optimal choice for front-end development if you want to build a responsive and secure trading solution. Two-way data binding and clean and consistent code are just two of the many advantages Angular development brings to the table.


Deliver a smooth and fast e-banking experience with a fast and attractive app while lifting extra work off your SEO team’s shoulders. Our React.js development experts are at your service.

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Business process automation platform to take manual processes off your hands. RPA-based, scalable, and empowering software to contribute to your business.

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Financial audit platform


Audit Platform to customize, monitor, record, and track the whole audit platform. Time and cost-efficient, accurate and scalable solution.

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Will Strohl

СEO & Founder, Upendo Ventures

Before starting Upendo Ventures, I led the team at Hotcakes Commerce. At the time, it was a thriving commercial e-commerce platform built on top of the most popular ASP.NET CMS known as DNN. Hotcakes Commerce was rarely not seen in the top 3 selling extensions overall for DNN throughout its entirety as a commercial product. While it’s since been re-released as an open-source e-commerce solution, its popularity has not faded. This popularity is primarily due to the stability and high-quality features it’s boasted over the years. Many of these features were either built or started by the team at devspiration. With Hotcakes Commerce being at the core of what started Upendo Ventures and its continued success as one of our specialties, I can confidently say that the devspiration team has been a cornerstone of what sparked it all. I’d recommend them for all of your custom software needs. You can trust their attention to detail and expertise for all of your mission-critical software projects.

Artem Ruzak

Covizmo Partner

devspiration team helped us to develop a PDF parsing framework for our cloud based image inspection platform Azenzus. They accomplished this goal quickly and professionally. We enjoyed their proactivity, dedication and detail-oriented approach to software development. Highly recommend devspiration as a reliable technology partner for other businesses.

Robert Wells

CEO Allocable

devspiration partnered with our core development team and became an integral part of our engineering efforts on the first release of our SaaS product. They quickly adopted our in-house standards and culture, and provided cutting-edge development on new technologies that our team did not have expertise using at the time.

We are truly grateful how quickly they assimilated into our team and for the high level of attention and professionalism every team member provided.

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We build top-quality software for banks and other financial organizations. Within our banking & financial software development services, our team can create a fully functional, scalable, and secure solution tailored to your needs.
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1. What tech stack should you choose for custom trading software?

When choosing programming languages for your trading solution, we recommend consulting with a software development company that has expertise in trading platforms. Our team uses Microsoft.Net and Azure for trading platform development. This combination has proven to be perfect for data-heavy projects with strict security requirements.

2. How much does trading software development cost?

Trading platform software development costs differ from project to project. The budget depends on many factors, like the complexity and duration of the project, team composition, and tech stack, to name just a few. Naturally, a simple platform for placing trades costs less than AI-based stock-trading software development.

3. What functionality does trading software include?

With custom trading platform development, you can choose which features you want your platform to include. In general, the functionality depends on the purpose of the software and your business’s requirements. But most trading software includes these basic functions:

  • Placing trades
  • Secure payments
  • Fraud protection
  • Data analysis and reporting

4. What does your trading software development process look like?

Our custom trading platform development process usually includes the following stages:

  1. Business analysis: At this stage, we define the purpose of your software, analyze your requirements, and do market research.
  2. Wireframes and design: This is when our team designs the UX/UI for your trading solution.
  3. Development: At this stage, we’ll do all the coding. Basically, it’s when your idea becomes a reality.
  4. Testing: Our QA team tests new software extensively to ensure that it’s bug-free.
  5. Release: At this stage, we deploy your trading platform in a live environment.
  6. Post-release support: We can help you with maintaining and updating your application.


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