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Do you have a business idea in mind and need Angular developers to make it a reality? Our experienced software developers masterfully harness the potential of Angular to create user-friendly, robust, and secure solutions. With our Angular development services, you’ll get a lightweight application with an impressive page load time and a dynamic interface.

Our Angular development services

As a powerful frontend framework, Angular supports complex, interactive, and scalable interfaces for a wide range of web application development projects. Our team knows how to leverage Angular’s benefits to help you achieve your business goals.

Custom Angular development
Tell us about your idea and get a full-fledged web product that delivers an outstanding user experience. Combining our extensive expertise in enterprise-level custom web development with seasoned skills in Angular programming, we can take your company's digital transformation to a new level. Our Angular developers can build scalable, dynamic web applications for your business promptly and professionally.
Progressive web app development
Choose our Angular development services for progressive web applications to get an optimized, cost-effective, and scalable hybrid solution. Our leading Angular development company can build a robust PWA with sophisticated application logic that can work with little or no internet connection, ensures a mobile app-like experience, and runs on all kinds of devices.

Angular migration
AngularJS support ended in 2022. If you need to migrate your app to the Angular framework, we’re ready to lend you a hand. Angular enables a smooth migration to newer Angular versions, and our software developers can do that for you. Your Angular applications will be decisively faster and easier to scale.
Angular consulting
Not sure if Angular is the right fit for your product idea? Our Angular consultants can consult on all aspects of web development. We can guide you through the entire Angular web development process and offer professional advice on the framework, its ecosystem, and best practices.

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Benefits of Angular for web development

Opting for Angular development services is a win-win. The development process is simplified and accelerated for programmers, while you, as a client, get a robust web solution with complex interface elements.

Fast development time

Component-based architecture enables faster code writing, two-way data binding ensures automatic updates, and TypeScript makes the code easily fixable. In short, if you choose Angular, you get faster web app development.

High performance

Highly optimized bundle sizes make component loading faster, the Ivy renderer provides best-in-class debugging speed, and dependency injection enables quick change and reuse of components. Follow the best in the business and choose Angular for your web apps.

Simplified testing

Angular’s preconfigured environment and MVC architecture facilitate parallel development and separate testing of units. On top of that, Angular’s built-in testing tools make Angular development easier by simplifying checks during the continuous integration process.

Superb user experience

Angular web design is based on Angular Material — a set of ready-to-use, tried-and-tested UI components that follow Google Material Design guidelines. Smooth, fast, and bug-free user interface layers are hallmarks of the Angular framework.

Improved flexibility

The modular nature of Angular lets web developers reuse pieces of code, scale web apps flawlessly, and divide development between teams while preserving code clarity. This also simplifies the process of adding new app developers to a project.


When updating from one major version of Angular to another, Angular automatically updates all components. Plus, all components can be easily decoupled and replaced with new versions. No more worries about updating web applications — Angular is exceptionally maintainable.

Our Angular expertise across industries

As an Angular development company with solid experience, we’re keenly aware of pain points and challenges in a number of industries. Our team knows how to use Angular to address your specific business goals while bypassing common pitfalls.

Our Angular development team has extensive experience building large-scale, regulatory-compliant, secure solutions for the financial industry. Whether you need a fast payment solution, a paperless lending system, or an audit platform, our financial software development team is up to the challenge.
Need an easy-to-use and secure solution that complies with privacy laws and regulatory frameworks? Our fintech software development team is ready to build digital banking, personal finance, and other fintech solutions that cater to your business needs.

Make buying insurance, claims management, and policy handling trouble-free for your clients with our Angular application development services. We provide reliable and powerful solutions to the insurance industry. It’s time to go digital!

Our web development team can build construction software of any kind (e.g., accounting systems, information modeling solutions, ERP software, web and mobile applications). The effectiveness of using Angular for construction software development has been proven in practice, and we're ready to design a solution for you.
You can simplify your business processes and boost your revenue with an Angular-based solution. Choose Angular technology to develop dynamic business applications, automate case and documentation management, create legal records software, or build a full-cycle law firm management system.
E-commerce and retail
Need a scalable and easy-to-use e-commerce web platform? A custom POS software or shipping application? Don’t hesitate — hire Angular developers to digitize your e-commerce or retail business. Innovate to win over customers before your competitors do.

Let Angular help you overcome process complexity and create solutions tailored to unique challenges in the energy industry. Our experienced Angular developers can create a fully-functional, scalable, and effective solution for the energy business.

Logistics & transportation
Want to build a warehouse management system? A transportation management web platform? A route optimization solution? Increase operational efficiency, improve order fulfillment, and optimize your supply chain with our Angular web development services.
With our Angular app development services, you can build a reliable medical software system that improves the quality of care, increases management efficiency, and reduces human error. Digitize healthcare operations to enhance patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Why choose devspiration?

Experience in Angular development
Our Angular software development company has successfully completed numerous projects. Extensive experience gained over years of practice allows us to build top-notch products that exploit the full potential of the Angular framework.
Expertise in other technologies
devspiration is a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner. We bring to the table our expertise in the Microsoft.NET ecosystem, Azure, React.js, and other technologies.
Agile approach
We use Agile project management methodologies in app development, like Scrum and Kanban, to create effective, results-oriented work processes and ensure early delivery.
Exceptionally professional team
Most of our team members are senior- and middle-level developers who have worked with us for at least five years on average.
High client satisfaction scores
We have numerous favorable reviews and long-term clients who are highly satisfied with both our application development processes and the products we build.

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Case studies

Financial audit platform


Audit Platform to customize, monitor, record, and track the whole audit platform. Time and cost-efficient, accurate and scalable solution.

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Share Class Management Module for an Audit Platform


Efficient and top-notch Share Class Management Modules for an Audit Platform to safely simplify and automate workflows.

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Customized online purchasing system


Online purchasing system to optimize performance, find out the best suppliers, and automate RFQs.

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Will Strohl

СEO & Founder, Upendo Ventures

Before starting Upendo Ventures, I led the team at Hotcakes Commerce. At the time, it was a thriving commercial e-commerce platform built on top of the most popular ASP.NET CMS known as DNN. Hotcakes Commerce was rarely not seen in the top 3 selling extensions overall for DNN throughout its entirety as a commercial product. While it’s since been re-released as an open-source e-commerce solution, its popularity has not faded. This popularity is primarily due to the stability and high-quality features it’s boasted over the years. Many of these features were either built or started by the team at devspiration. With Hotcakes Commerce being at the core of what started Upendo Ventures and its continued success as one of our specialties, I can confidently say that the devspiration team has been a cornerstone of what sparked it all. I’d recommend them for all of your custom software needs. You can trust their attention to detail and expertise for all of your mission-critical software projects.

Artem Ruzak

Covizmo Partner

devspiration team helped us to develop a PDF parsing framework for our cloud based image inspection platform Azenzus. They accomplished this goal quickly and professionally. We enjoyed their proactivity, dedication and detail-oriented approach to software development. Highly recommend devspiration as a reliable technology partner for other businesses.

Robert Wells

CEO Allocable

devspiration partnered with our core development team and became an integral part of our engineering efforts on the first release of our SaaS product. They quickly adopted our in-house standards and culture, and provided cutting-edge development on new technologies that our team did not have expertise using at the time.

We are truly grateful how quickly they assimilated into our team and for the high level of attention and professionalism every team member provided.

Our core technology stack

As one of the most popular frameworks for web development, Angular streamlines building dynamic, fast, scalable, and efficient web applications.
React.js is a powerful, declarative, and flexible JavaScript library for frontend development. Check out our React.js development services to find out if this technology will benefit your project.
We offer a wide range of .NET software development services. NET is a reliable and versatile ecosystem perfect for most software development projects.
Tackle your business challenges and reach for the sky with the most powerful cloud computing platform. Choose Azure if your priorities are speed, reliability, and flexibility.

Our development process

We’re an experienced Angular development company that provides high-quality services. We designed our processes with business needs in mind and cover the full cycle of web and mobile development.

1. Business analysis
We start by defining your business goals and project scope. We analyze your case and requirements and choose a suitable tech stack.

2. Design
Building on the previous stage, we conceptualize the solution, develop the first wireframe, and upgrade it until you approve

3. Development
When we get the green light, we will start developing and refining the product based on your feedback.

4. Quality assurance
Our team of QA specialists thoroughly test each component of the solution to eliminate bugs.

5. Release & deployment
We release the product once we’re certain that it’s bug-free and it provides a smooth user experience.

6. Support & maintenance
Our team provides post-release support and maintenance services to ensure that your solution remains high-performing and relevant.

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1. Why choose Angular for web development?

An Angular development company will create fast, scalable, and reliable web and mobile applications. Two-way data binding makes app development easier, while single-page applications created with Angular ensure a smooth user experience. In general, web application development with Angular is faster and more reliable than with most other frameworks.

2. How long does it take to implement an Angular project?

An Angular development services company estimates how long it takes to implement a project on an individual case basis. The timeline of the software development process in Angular projects depends on the scale and complexity of the project. Contact us to learn how long the app development process will take for your case.

3. What is Angular primarily used for?

Angular is used for web application development, including progressive web app development. It’s a perfect choice if you want to build a product with complex interface elements while ensuring that it’s lightweight and fast. With high-quality Angular development services, you can forget about lengthy load times and glitchy interfaces.

4. Why do we use Angular instead of AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that’s no longer supported by the software development community. Angular application development services provide all the benefits of AngularJS development services and avoid the downsides of an outdated framework. Angular is a frontend framework with unique features (like Angular CLI) unavailable in AngularJS.

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