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Cooperation models

We practice several efficient cooperation models, depending on the customer needs and specifics of a project.

Dedicated Team

Works best for long-term projects when the full team’s integration into the client’s corporate environment is crucial for overall success.

logo Clients receive

  • Predictable budget control and cost savings.
  • Fully engaged team of top talent working as an extension of the on-site office.
  • Ability to vary team’s size.

logo We offer

  • Taking care of pre-screening, assisting with the candidates’ selection and onboarding.
  • Securing office administration, HR and accounting. Facilitation in managing projects.
  • Personnel training and mentoring.

logo Time and Material

  • This model is a good fit for projects with unclear or changing requirements.
  • It allows easy scale up or down development efforts depending on the project phase or timelines.
  • Service cost is based on the hourly rate, multiplied by a number of hours spent during a month.

logo Fixed Budget

  • Good for small and medium-size projects with clear scope of work and fixed requirements.
  • Scope of work, cost and timelines are fixed and defined before work starts.
  • Predictable budget and delivery timeframe.