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Senior Python Engineer (shifted hours)

Senior Python Engineer (shifted hours)

Job Summary: 

Our client is looking to create a proxy layer over its cloud providers in order to provide services and access to a wider user base. The team's objective is to provide a multi- cloud infrastructure. Using this platform is aimed at provisioning cloud services across providers, and compatibility, to secure the firms. The current concentration is on AWS and GCP.

Objectives of this role: 

  • Develop, test and maintain high-quality software using Python programming language.  
  • Participate in the entire software development lifecycle, building, testing and delivering high-quality solutions.  
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and solve complex problems.  
  • Write clean and reusable code that can be easily maintained and scaled.  

Your tasks: 

  • Create large-scale data processing pipelines using cloud provider APIs to communicate with a Proxy Layer.  
  • Participate in code reviews, ensure code quality, and identify areas for improvement to implement practical solutions.  
  • Debugging codes when required and troubleshooting any Python-related queries.  
  • Keep up to date with emerging trends and technologies in Python development.   

Required skills and qualifications:

  • Work hours till 9-10pm local time is required (EET).
  • 6+ years of experience as a Python Developer with a strong portfolio of projects.  
  • In-depth understanding of the Python software development stacks, ecosystems, frameworks and tools such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Dask, spaCy, NLTK, sci-kit-learn and PyTorch, Python REST APIs.  
  • Experience with front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  
  • Familiarity with database technologies such as SQL and NoSQL.  
  • A working understanding of cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.    
  • Excellent problem-solving ability with solid communication and collaboration skills.  

Preferred skills and qualifications:

  • Experience with popular Python frameworks such as Django, Flask or Pyramid.  
  • Knowledge of data science and machine learning concepts and tools.  
  • Contributions to open-source Python projects or active involvement in the Python community.


  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • A brand-new office in a BC “Natsionalnyy” + remote working options
  • 18 business days of vacation, 10 days of sick leave, national holidays off
  • Compensation for technical conferences/events participation
  • Free English classes to further enhance your language skills
  • Gym and shower in the office
  • Medical insurance


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